Mullholland Dr. (2001)

written and directed by David Lynch
with: Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring, Justin Theroux

It's hard to put Mulholland Dr. into words since it is a collection of beautiful imagery and sound that flow so perfectly and violently into the viewer's mind that if one does not let go it may not work. Mulholland Dr. is only for those who enjoy a truly cinematic experience, so complex that even the DVD includes 10 clues to solve the mystery. Because the mystery is not only the one in the movie but in the audience's perception of it. It is one of those surrealist pieces that is paved in dreamlike sequences that do belong but easily seem not to. And the great thing about the movie is that it does makes sense, most things are there for a reason. And when you get to decipher the decisions that Lynch made and when you truly understand its essence and narrative, it can be nearly one of the best movies of all times, because it pretty much dives into the power of the subconscious mind of a character that belongs to the Hollywood filmmaking environment.

It is a movie about a woman's dream of becoming an actress, (Betty/Diane Selwyn interpreted by Watts), and a dream based on that dream, and the reasons of why she dreams that, and the clues of why her psyche works the way it works in her dream and in her real life. And this is all purely natural and understandable, so humanistic if you are empathetic about her life situation. She is jealous about her ex-partner (she left her for a man, a movie director played by Theroux) and successful actress (Camilla Rhodes/Rita played by Harring) that she makes a decision that she regrets. It is all so detailed and meticulous that a lot of events and objects that may seem insignificant or out of place are most important to understand it. I won't go further because I could end up writing one thousand pages on particularities and personal assumptions and I do not want to spoil it or mislead you. I encourage you to watch it as many times as necessary until you understand it.

Must see.
Rating: 9.75/10

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