Lars Von Trier (1956- )

I would describe what I know of Von Trier's work as extremely realistic. Throughout allegories he guides us into the dark tunnel of human's most atrocious thoughts. He is part of the Dogme95 collective, which he the wrote the manifesto to, along with Tomas Vinterberg. His films use explicit and strong imagery (considered controversial) to increase the dramatic sensation of the topics, making the viewer a witness of human deceit and evil. Sometimes depressing, his stories are powerful and teach those who are eager and open to learn about what it is like to live in society.

"If you tell a man what to do in real life, to which extent is it reality and to which extent are you in control?" L. Von Trier

List of Movies:
The Element of Crime. Pt 1 of Europe Trilogy (1984)
Epidemic. Pt 2 of Europe Trilogy (1987)
Zentropa. Pt 3 of Europe Trilogy (1991)
Breaking the Waves. Pt 1 of Golden Heart Trilogy (1996)
The Idiots. Pt 2 of Golden Heart Trilogy (1998)
Dogville. Pt 1 of USA: Land of Opportunity trilogy (2003)
The Five Obstructions (2003)
Manderlay. Pt 2 of USA: Land of Opportunity trilogy (2005)
The Boss of it All (2006)
Washington. Pt 3 of USA: Land of Opportunity trilogy ( )

Rating: 7/10

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