Toy Story 3 (2010)

directed by Lee Unkrich
with voices by: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen,

When I first found out that Toy Story 3 was being produced, I was excited and nervous at the same time. The original Toy Story movie was a huge part of my childhood, the second one, not so much. But still, I was afraid that Pixar could ruin the brightest of my animated-movie memories. Since the release of Toy Story, numerous animated children movies followed, but none seemed to match the Toy Story experience and I was afraid that the third installment wouldn't be loyal to former fans. Surprisingly, it was, and more significantly, it was the best of the three.

Toy Story 3 is the perfect animated movie. It appeals both children and adults. It is entertaining and silly, but yet mature and wise. It is witty, full of emotions and laughs, drama, hope, loyalty and selflessness. The Toy Story series have grown up along with their audience always knowing what to offer, always having in mind the innocent child that we all carry within us and the passing of time. Unkrich manages to show us a world where toys represent abstract memories; feelings. A world in which we can observe the influence of the past on our present, making us realize that things have changed. It's always great to go back and reminisce.

As an adult, it's easy to expect a movie like this to be mostly childish, predictable and probably both annoying and boring to a certain extent. But it's completely the opposite of all that. Toy Story 3 is a film for everyone, a visually-stunning, impeccably scripted, highly enjoyable piece of cinema.

Highly Recommended. 
Rating: 9.25/10

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