Daisies (1966)

directed by Vera Chytilová
with:Ivana Karbanová, Jitka Cerhová

This Czech new wave movie was considered 'unintelligent' and a waste of time and money by the Czech authorities because it didn't reinforce any political or social ideology of communism. But it really is intelligent, and frankly, made for intelligent and open minded people.

Daisies, is an attempt to criticize the civil values and social formalities. It is about two beautiful women (both named Marie) with self-destructive but almost innocent behavior that enter a surrealistic series of adventures with no moral limits. They are careless and excess-driven, yet free, enjoying creative spaces and imaginative places where they take us to explore their minds. The idea of this movie is that 'one should try everything', become an experiencer in order to value and accept those social norms established by society.

This film is very liberal, contrary to the Czech government of the 60's. And as liberal as the narrative is, so is the visual style that Vera Chytilová (with the help of her husband) uses to represent her ideas. This film is experimental in essence and is open to various interpretations. For me, it was the search of the meaning of life and all that being part of a society encompasses, especially exploring the role of women. It is an existencialst piece that helps us 'smell how volatile life is'. The sound effects are great and so are many of the lines in the dialogue.

Rating: 8.25/10

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Anonymous said...

very interesting movie, one should try everything - one should try daises, too...
this one will be forever actual.