Man with the Movie Camera (1929)

directed by Dziga Vertov
with: -

This silent film is an experiment that created controversy. It uses an array of different film techniques that could even be instructional for eager learners of the art (jump cuts, slow-motion, extreme close ups, fast motion, double exposure, freeze frames, , stop motion animation, tracking shots and many others). Extremely innovative for its time, this movie represents Russia's modern life in different cities. Different jobs, hobbies and everyday activities are shown, it is about a man with a movie camera that documents reality as never before experienced. It brings to the viewer images of the world that otherwise may have not experienced. There are no actors, no script and no scenarios (although some scenes are prearranged) , everything is footage taken from everyday normal life. It is of historical importance because of the artistic visual style and ideas that show that cinema can be taken very very far. 

Creatively edited, this montage of images is a piece worthy of consideration by any film enthusiast, especially in the documentary filmmaking area. The music is essential and experimental (re-written by norwegian Geir Jenssen in 1996 following the director's notes on music for the piano); it perfectly complements the images and the rhythm and pace of the frames. Even though this movie was filmed in 1929, it may still illuminate many people's eyes and perception of filmmaking. A real birth is filmed. Half naked people too. People sunbathing and walking and industrial machinery in action are shown. A beautiful compilation that gives us a taste of Russia's culture and film's history representing the universality of the human being in a modernized society in an entertaining way. 

Worth a look. 
Rating: 9/10

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