Acid House (1998)

directed by Paul McGuigan
with: Stephen McCole, Kevin McKidd, Ewen Bremmer, Gary McCormack

Acid House is difficult to describe. It is a trilogy of short stories written by Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting). It is so emotionally and physically violent and hateful that viewers may even suffer while watching it, if they can finish watching it. It is supposedly based in 'bad acid trips' and it feels like hell. 

The movie starts off well with the first story, 'The Granton Star Case'. The director seems to be somewhat creative and humorous. It is about a young man who has probably the worst day of his life. He gets kicked out of his house by his parents who hate him for being an obstacle in their masochistic and psychotic sexual practices. He is kicked out of the soccer team and dumped by his girlfriend. He has an encounter with God himself who turns him into a fly and then the story gets interesting...
'A Soft Touch', the second story, and the most disturbing and depressing (not only of the movie, but probably of all stories I've ever heard of) is about a couple who get married, have a baby and move in to a new apartment. Their neighbor complicates their relationship and causes an inhumane and unthinkable series of events that touch the weakest fibers of human feelings. 
The final story, 'Acid House' is about a guy who takes acid and is struck by lighting. His soul (behavior, knowledge and attitudes included) is transferred to a baby's body, and vice-versa. Imagine the baby (with an adult's mind) interacting with 'his mom' and the adult (with a baby's mind) interacting with 'his girlfriend and friends'. 

I like this film because it shows us how far film can transfer emotions. It is an effective film and I appreciate it for its power, it takes us to places unimagined. I dislike this film because I think it goes too far just for the sake of showing impacting imagery with disturbing ideas about life. It is completely nihilistic and it may be a pathetic or a pleasant experience, depending on the mood. It is a love/hate relationship. Oh, and it does have a good soundtrack with songs by Belle & Sebastian, Oasis, Primal Scream, The Chemical Brother and others. 

Approach with caution. 
Rating: 5.5/10