Dazed and Confused (1993)

directed by Richard Linklater
with: Jason London, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, Rory Cochrane, Cole Hauser, Matthew McConaughey, Sasha Jenson, and Parker Posey

After an artful and accurate attempt at depicting college life with monotony in Slacker, Linklater decided to take a step backwards in time and forward in rhythm, to depict the lives of confused youngsters who are realizing their high school days are over and therefore, need to use time wisely. Dazed by this feeling, the different stereotypes of high schoolers decide to drink, smoke, drive around town, have sex, hang out and talk, all without a particular purpose except to portray reality with truth, rather than cheesy fantasies.

In this semi-autobiographical piece, Linklater is so honest that Dazed and Confused is probably the most important and significant movie about the last days of high school ever made; it feels real and awakens moments of nostalgia. It is fun and rebelious and represents an entire generation and culture.

Very recommended.
Rating: 8.25/10


Anonymous said...

parece ser que la edad que todos disfrutan es la de la preparatoria. pero creo que es la nostalgia de que cuando uno aprende y tiene experiencia, le hubiera gustado a uno vivir la misma epocapero con el conocimiento actaul o post universitaria.
sin ver la pelicula y basado en los comentarios pienso que es uan autobiografia de muchos adultos

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