Scratch (2001)

directed by Doug Pray
with: Afrika Bambaataa, Yoga Frog, Mix Master Mike, DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow, Grand Wizard Theodore, Jurassic 5 and others

Aside from film, music is my other passion. Every day, I spend a good amount of time researching music and discovering new bands. Recently, I've acquired taste for DJs and turntables. However, I have never really appreciated or understood the hip-hop scene until I saw this movie.

Scratch is a feature length documentary about the emergence of hip-hop and turntablism. At first, I wasn't very interested, despite the fact that a friend was urging me to watch it. It sounded too simple, and appealing only to those who are already knowledgeable, passionate or interested in the subject. I decided to give it a try and after the first 10 minutes I was completely into it and couldn't resist watching the rest. The film is so well put together and edited that it's never boring, always informative and educational, and highly entertaining. I learned a lot about the hip-hop music scene and now respect its contextual and historical importance. I am thankful that now I see turntablism as a form of art.

The film is honest and truthful as it is packed with interviews and performances from all the major DJs in the scene. In the end, what this film does, as so should any effective documentary, is tease the audiences enough so that their interest will endure and so that when they try to recollect information on the topic, their minds will always go back to that particular film. Scratch is very effective and has a lot of substance.

Must see for anyone who's ever been attracted by turntables.
Rating: 8/10

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