The Social Network (2010)

directed by David Fincher
with: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, 

The film is nearly impeccable, almost perfectly executed, precisely edited with fine transitions. Well-scripted, the dialogues are very realistic and feel mostly natural. The acting is also neat. However, these approaches to perfection are only superficial and technical. The film lacks an emotional and psychological connection to the viewer.  It always feels like a movie and does not go beyond to reach deeper into the audience. The Social Network is interesting and entertaining and it works because it's extremely timely, but the truth is that the film is plainly conventional. Even with an abrupt ending, flashbacks and flash-forwards, the film does not propose or inspire, it does not impress or innovate, The Social Network is just another good movie that would have gone unnoticed if the theme and the story weren't so relevant nowadays. But because of its relevancy this film is of high historical importance. Fincher played it safe for the Hollywood market and did not take any risks. This is understandable because the project is profit-driven, but with such critical acclaim and a perfect trailer, something extraordinary should be expected. The Social Network is not transcendent, it's just good. 

Must see.
Rating: 7.5/10


Anonymous said...

too bad. it looked promissing. I´ll still am going to see it. once I do I gave you my comments.

Bob Clapes said...

yes, definitely go watch it and then tell me what you think.