Stalker (1979)

In the film, a Stalker is a guide. Stalkers lead clients to a place protected by the army known as the Zone. Dangerous and unpredictable the Zone possesses unknown powers that may be life-threatening. However, if you make it to the end, any of one's wishes will be fulfilled. In the movie, a writer and a scientist take on this journey, following the Stalker and encountering many obstacles.

This film falls under the the sci-fi genre, but its only the concept that invites to that categorization. In reality Stalker is an invitation to introspection, a walk to discover human's innermost fears and desires of oneself and society, a psychological debate of our perceived value. A philosophical masterpiece. Throughout the movie a series of dialogues and monologues raise various concerns that question existence itself.

A writer and a scientist debate their social roles -imagination vs. rationality- both looking for something, both trying to prove something, but what? and why? The same questions can be asked to the Stalker. However, the ultimate question is what are their true desires and what are their perceived desires? And who really is able to handle the idea of fulfilling their most truthful and intimate wishes? People follow the Stalker, perhaps blindly, in an egoist attempt to solve their troubles, and the Stalker, needs followers in order to exist and be happy. He abandons his wife and his deformed daughter in a sacrificial way to "help others". Is it just me or can this be somehow connected to religion? Actually, the film can be connected to many aspects of life in different levels and that's what make it so universal and transcendent. 

Sometimes criticized for its slow pace and long takes, the film works out perfectly and is engaging for the 163min of duration. About this, Tarkovsky commented "the film needs to be slower and duller at the start so that the viewers who walked into the wrong theatre have time to leave before the main action".  

This film is a great example of perseverance. There were many complications during the making of this film, but lucky us, after 5,000 meters of film and some patience, it was actually made. The film was shot three times with changes in crew and participants, changes in cinematography and script, music and pretty much everything. The Zone is portrayed in colors and the outside world is shot in a beautiful brown high-contrast monochrome.

Must see. 
Avoid if you are impatient and/or need dynamic cinema. 
Rating: 9.75/10


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