The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

directed by Wes Anderson
with: Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman

When a director decides that everything in the main set of the film will be hand-made and hand painted, you know he is dedicated, passionate and patient; good. The Darjeeling Limited is a detailed world created by Anderson where three American brothers take a "spiritual" journey in the railways of India to reunite after having taken separate paths since their father's death. Like other Anderson movies each character has an inner conflict that affects his interaction with the others. This is solved with addictive or impulsive behaviors. We see abuse of  cough syrup, pain killers and cigarettes; bathroom-train sex, purchase of poisonous snakes and brotherly fights. When the spiritualization seems to be forced, no spiritualization takes place. Instead, it happens naturally and when least expected, when everything appears to be going wrong. The film is allegorical and hyperbolic, and it needs to be, to show the importance of the evolution of the character-driven plot. I love the suitcases (designed by Louis Vuitton) and what they mean. The short film Hotel Chevalier, with Natalie Portman, entirely complements the film and is required for full understanding and enjoyment. As all Anderson movies, it has a great soundtrack, it is funny and inspirational. 

Rating: 8.25/10


Guilherme said...

I will help you, and by the way. I have seen Science of Sleep just because of you and your blog, I really like it. I see that you also like Godard, i love him. You're on my "Recomendados" list.


Armando said...

only 1 thing to say...

1 movie to remember, nice pick.