Pierrot Le Fou (1965)

written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard
with: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina

This movie was way ahead of its time. Even now it may still impress the audiences. It impressed me. With a collection of literature references and impulsive and passionate decisions, this movie is intellect vs. emotions, sensuality vs. love. It criticizes the bourgeois lifestyle in France portraying it as boring and idiotic, where Pierrot/Ferdinand is the rebel who seeks a change in his life and escapes with his babysitter in a criminal and romantic series of events that lack linearity. It was innovative for its time and crazy, beautifully written, it feels like poetry itself. With paintings, the director communicates the world the characters are stuck in. The actors talk to the audience at times and address us directly, looking at the camera, breaking the rules of cinema but capturing more of our attention and making us wonder, why did Godard decide this and that? With this film we see that Godard took risks in a way that only a true master can and it seems natural. The music is also worth noticing and the musical scenes too. This is how movies should be today, unpredictable and grotesque.

Must see.
Rating: 9.25/10

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