King of Kong (2007)

directed by Seth Gordon

King of Kong is a documentary, that combines comedy, drama, nerdism and heroism, about the classic video games subculture. Gordon approaches the underground passion by focusing the story on the lives of the two greatest players of all time, Billy Mitchell and Steve Weibe. It is interesting how the story is told, always entertaining and never predictable, the director slowly brings us closer to the characters' lives and persona. Because of the editing, it's communicated that one of the characters is the good guy and one is the bad guy. Weibe is a modest perseverant man with various dreams and an apparently stable life, someone you'd like to have as a neighbor. Mitchell, is easy to start admiring, and even easier to end up despising, but despite his superego, he is still the eccentric character that enriches the movie and makes the plot worthwhile. The film is about the rivalry between these two men to achieve the best Donkey Kong score of all time, almost like watching a boxing match.

Although the movie is quite captivating, heartbreaking, humorous and epic, there are parts where it felt depressing when looking under the mask of the absurd and contemplating the reality, but I'd rather look at it as inspiring for anything that requires perseverance and hard work. It is a very well done documentary that won't disappoint.

Worth a look. 
Rating: 8/10


Anonymous said...

I think this was fun. probably it just easy, but I agree with your coment.

Bob Clapes said...

thanks for commenting. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I just watched this film... I agree with what you've said captivating, yet slightly depressing.