The Milky Way (1969)

directed by Luis Buñuel
with: Paul Frankeur, Laurent Terzieff, Bernard Verley,

A film about two peasants on a pilgrimage through Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where they meet and observe different religious figures. Full of heretic scenes, the movie shows flashbacks of Jesus catching his breath after a long run, Jesus telling a joke during dinner after having several glasses of wine and Jesus considering shaving. This movie, in a way, could be a mockery of Jesus' life or an attempt to try to portray the human side of Jesus and his similarity to other people. Buñuel, uses fine humor to represent some of his controversial religious ideas and debates and more importantly, he shows how absurd and blind-sighted Catholicism can be. As most should know, Buñuel was an atheist and was always interested in religion and its influence in society, he defies religion in many of his films, and this is an effective (but slow) satire.

"Thank God I'm an atheist." L. Buñuel
Rating: 7.5/10

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