Buffalo '66 (1998)

written and directed by Vincent Gallo
with: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci

It is easy to feel the alienation and suffering of the constantly ignored by his indifferent, dysfunctional, careless parents, Billy Brown, an über-insecure and vulnerable but seemingly-tough man who is in the process of self-discovery to overcome childhood memories that left him traumatized. His fearful desperation for his parents approval and his extreme fear of love and affection are perceived throughout the film, slowly building up tension in the viewer eyes. With some strange lines that can be funny and offbeat at the the same time,  Gallo provides immediate short-length confusing relief. Sometimes exasperating, the narcissism and stubbornness of angst-ridden unwanted only child Billy, is counteracted by the sweetness, innocence and beautifulness of Ricci's performance. Ricci and some very interesting visual effects make the film and incredible indie creation that at times resemble Lynch's style and pace. This movies is worthy of exhaustive psychoanalysis of the characters. 

Highly Recommended. 
Rating: 8.75/10

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