Brand Upon the Brain (2008)

written and directed by Guy Maddin
with: Erik Steffen Maahs, Sullivan Brown

Brand Upon the Brain
is an autobiographical piece on Guy Maddin's childhood. He made this film silent because he only had 6 weeks to come up with the script and because, noticeably, he is a 1920's silent film lover.

Guy goes back to the island where his parents owned an orphanage, to cover up his memories in layers of paint, to hide the shocking reminiscences and haunting experiences, to remember his love for Wendy and to uncover the mysterious behaviors and metaphorically diabolical attitudes of his parents who 'experimented' with children, that where traumatizedly hidden deep in his subconscious.

This film is artful because of its visual style and use of precise titles to explain the silence behind the characters. The music enhances the imagery incredibly with a score by Jason Staczek. But what is really respectable is the editing, along with Isabella Rossellini's intervention as interlocutor. This film is not pretensiously experimental, as it may appear to be at times, instead it is a great achievement on fearless filmmaking that would never happen in Hollywood.

Must see for b/w, silent film, surrealism appreciators.
Rating: 8.5/10

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