Epidemic (1987)

directed by Lars Von Trier

Epidemic is about two screenwriters who are working on a script about an epidemic that is spreading around the world. The film is mostly brainstorming from the writers and some scenes that represent their ideas. Slowly, it becomes evident that the epidemic is actually taking place in the real world. What Von Trier does is comfortably and slowly submerge the viewers into an obscure world that keeps getting darker and darker until it erupts. The final scene, and the best one of the film is what you've been waiting for from the start. Visually arresting and throat hardening, it has almost cathartic values. It is a surrealistic violent release of fear, frustration and lack of control, which are the three main things that are involved in any kind of tragedy. So, in a sense, Epidemic is an allegory of the world in decadence, the spread of emotional instability. The film contains some memorable and beautiful scenes and is characterized by the EPIDEMIC title at the top left of the screen that is there, in red, for most of the duration of the film. I have to reiterate, it has a great ending and clever shots, however, it's not on my list of favorite Von Triers. 

Worth a look. 
Rating: 7/10

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