Zelig (1983)

written and directed by Woody Allen
with Woody Allen, Mia Farrow

Zelig is one of a kind, a beautiful masterpiece that is not only humorous and clever, but profound, pure and representative of American culture. In it, Allen is Leonard Zelig, "the human chameleon". Like a chameleon, who blends with the environment to be safe, he adopts other people's physical, ideological and vocal attributes to blend in and 'be liked'. He fears rejection so badly that he may go very far in transformation, speaking french and chinese, turning into a black jazz player, becoming a red hair irish and even piloting a plane. With the help of a passionate and loving psychiatrist (Mia Farrow), Zelig, is cured, and freed from all his psychological impairments, he becomes a celebrity and his life is tangled in a series of unforgettable adventures. He influenced music, film and dance. 

Zelig is not just about personal psychological transformation, but also about the differences in the influence of society on a private and public person. It contains many artistic, political and legal references, making it a great cultural piece that is representative of the 20's, 30's and even today. American, really hasn't changed much; celebrity driven and unexpected.   

Zelig is in documentary form (mockumentary), with interviews and footage that appears to be from the 20's. The movie's pace, narration, music, imagery and acting are just near perfect and it is always entertaining. Allen made a very unique and charming piece of cinema that I believe is underrated. 

Must see. 
Rating: 9.25/10


Anonymous said...

One of the best films I've personally seen. Interesting blog, cheers mate!

Bob Clapes said...

Agreed. Thanks for the comment. cheers.

Anonymous said...

great stuff

Anonymous said...

Still my favorite movie of all time.

James Allard said...

Possibly my favorite Allen film, woefully neglected.

Surfer joe said...

Woody Allen helped me get through life with enjoyment