Memento (2000)

directed by Christopher Nolan
with: Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne-Moss

The first time I saw this movie I loved it; the second time, I didn't (it just wasn't entertaining anymore) and there might not be a third time. This movie is very original and captivating. It is impressive and unpredictable, well written and well thought out, it is the movie of the year 2000. The story is told backwards, starting with the ending and ending with the beginning. Innovative. I've always wanted to arrange the pieces and put them in chronological order (maybe I will) to see how the movie really is and to understand it better and put an end to some confusions that sprouted only the second time I saw it. I only have one problem with this movie: if he has short-term memory loss and can't remember anything since the incident, then how does he know that he suffers from that amnesia-like disease? How does he remember that? 

See it one time only. 
Rating: 7/10

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